Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ManCave Daily guide to the NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are awesome. The best basketball in the world combined with some of the biggest floppers in sports history (looking at you, LeBron) and some of the best individual performances, the NBA playoffs are definitely a worthwhile investment of your time. What do you need to know? Great question. Thankfully, I already broke it down for CBS' ManCave Daily.


Why is there a picture of an attractive woman dressed like a ref? Because it is a men's website, after all. And because it's better than a picture of one of the officials I talked about.

The refs are the worst:
What do you do when you have the greatest athletes in a particular sport gathered on one court? You hire officials for that game the same ways malls hire Santas. Find some old guy who doesn’t have anything else going on and put him in charge of everything. Every old man that doesn’t enjoy fishing or golf is currently an NBA referee. When it comes to officiating NBA games, things like consistency and accuracy are inconsequential compared to overdramatic foul signals and a Napoleonic complex.

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